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Orbs: Anomalous spots that sometimes show up in photographs. Most are white, some are multicolored; some look solid, others appear textured. Many ghost hunters believe they are evidence of ghosts, that they are some kind of spirit or psychic energy manifesting as these glowing balls of light.

Poltergeists: Poltergeists are often a spirits that combine different actions over time. They interact by moving objects, throwing objects, screaming, banging objects, and opening or closing objects. These events grow over time with more and more intensity. They can be either somewhat aggressive or negative. Poltergeists also appear and disappear without reason. Some groups believe that poltergeists feed off of the emotions of the people that they surround. 

Shadow people: Are said to be shadow-like creatures of supernatural origin which appear as dark forms in the peripheries of people’s vision and disintegrate, or move between walls, when noticed.

Demonic Apparitions: inhuman appearances and powers among humans. They are usually strong, forceful and almost super-human. They can attack, injure, appear and speak to people.. They have been thought of being anything from a human like figure to an animal-human combination. They are known to walk, fly, disappear, and whatever they wish. 

Banshee: A Banshee is said to be a fairy in Irish legend and her scream is believed to be an omen of death. The scream is also called ‘caoine’ which means ‘keening’ and is a warning that there will be an imminent death in the family and as the Irish families blended over time, it is said that each family has its own Banshee!

Haunted objects: e. In the paranormal world things are not always that simple and spirits can ultimately latch on to almost anything they channel their trapped energy into—be it dolls, animals, or common things you’d find in almost any house. 

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