Good morning and happy Monday bombshells. A new week and new opportunities lay in front of us. I’m up before the sun with coffee in hand and wrapped up in marled gray, mesh, banding, and comfort love. My picks for the day are the VS T Shirt, perfect shape bra, and the VS Everyday Perfect bikini panty. Feeling energized, strong, confident, feminine, angelic, and beautiful to the core, I am ready to take on all the coming day has to throw my direction. Start your day off on the right foot, with love in your heart, engaged in the moment, and wrapped up in a lingerie set that is empowering to you. Open your heart and eyes a little further to see the truly beautiful individual you are on the inside and out. Know in your heart that your love and light make this world a better and brighter place in every way. Trust in your instincts and passionately chase after the dreams in your heart with the knowledge that you can accomplish anything you are willing to work hard for. Choose to see the beauty in the world, see the beauty within yourself, know in your heart that love will win, and have a wonderful time slaying your day! Stay true to the light within you. Love you all to pieces! xoxo MML ❤️

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