A Japanese serial murderer who lured suicidal young people to…

A Japanese serial murderer who lured suicidal young people to his home before killing and dismembering them used a Twitter profile called ‘hanging pro’ to snag his victims. Police said Takahiro Shiraishi, 27, confessed to killing nine people over a two-month spree after he was arrested on Tuesday.

On Twitter, his profile featured a manga drawing showing a man whose neck and wrist are scarred and who is wearing a rope around his neck alongside a bio describing his expertise in hanging, Japan Times reported.The profile explained: “I want to help people who are really in pain. Please DM me anytime.” In a post made on October 21, Shiraishi wrote: ‘Bullying is everywhere, in school and at work.“There must be many people in society who are suffering after attempting suicides, though their cases are not reported in the news. I want to help such people.” He would often respond to suicidal tweets written by other people by saying things like: ‘‘Let’s die together.’’

Takahiro would  meet up with his victims and kill them that same day. Four of his victims are thought to be 17 years old, the remaining five were in their 20s. According to news reports, the police discovered body parts from eight women and one man in Mr. Shiraishi’s apartment, along with a saw, ropes and an awl, apparently used to restrain and cut the bodies. The body parts, which included severed heads, were found in cold-storage containers and tool boxes, some covered in cat litter. (Source)

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